Enroll a Child 

95% of our littles report having increased self-confidence because of their bigs.

Is there a child in your life who could especially benefit from a mentor? Read more below to learn about our eligibility requirements and enrollment process. For more information, also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Child Eligibility & Commitments

For us to create strong and healthy mentoring relationships, enrolling children must:

  • Be between the ages of 6-16;
  • Express genuine interest in the program; and
  • Be able to form a safe and meaningful relationship with a volunteer for at least 12 months.

Parent/Guardian Eligibility & Commitments

Parents/Guardians are critical to the success of our program! At a minimum, those wishing to enroll their children must:

  • Be encouraging and supportive of a mentoring relationship;
  • Be open and honest about their child’s strengths and areas of potential growth;
  • Be willing and able to maintain consistent contact with the volunteer and program staff for the duration of the match;
  • Make a 12-month minimum commitment to the mentoring relationship; and
  • Help pay for their child's activity expenses when possible and/or encourage the match to participate in free or low-cost activities.

The Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process helps us make the strongest matches possible!

  • Once we receive a completed Youth Application, we will contact you to set up an interview.
  • Program staff will interview you and your child separately to learn about your backgrounds, expectations, and preferences.
  • If you and your child meet the eligibility requirements listed above, your child will be placed on our waiting list to be paired with a Big Brother or Big Sister.
  • We do not match on a first-come, first-served basis. We match according to a child's compatibility with an available volunteer. Compatibility includes parent/guardian and child expectations and preferences for a volunteer, as well as a volunteer's expectations and preferences.
  • We cannot predict how quickly we can match your child because we are a volunteer-driven agency, nor can we guarantee your child will be matched. Our priority is to find your child a mentor who is compatible, so they have the opportunity for the strongest relationship.  
  • Program staff will contact you when we have a potential match to discuss the volunteer. If you and your child accept the volunteer, an official match meeting is scheduled at our office for the Big, Little, parent/guardian and program staff to meet and discuss expectations and goals.

If you have questions or wish to enroll your child, contact our office today.

For Helena, call 406-442-7479.

For Great Falls, call 406-205-0036

Or email us at bbbs@bigcentral.org.